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Leigh Hopper
Houston Chronicle

As the medical writer for the Houston Chronicle  she has been very helpful in bringing this issue to the public.

Jane Mahlow, DVM

Zoonosis Control
Texas Department of Public Health

Dr Mahlow is an excellent listener. When I asked her to change the rabies ordinance to every three years she was very receptive. She  researched all the scientific studies . She held public meetings in all parts of the State of Texas. In spite of opposition by the vast majority of Veterinarians  in the State she made a very courageous decision, in favor of the three year ordinance. After a lot of hard work the Texas Department of Public Health adopted her proposal, in March of 2003.

Harris County Commissioner: Steve Radack

Harris County Attorney: Mike Stafford

These dedicated public servants care about your pets and doing things right. They researched a re-wrote the rabies ordinance in Harris County, making sure it is medically correct and fair.

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